CSGO 5v5 Challenge

Mon 24th Jul 2017 - 2:37pm General Gaming Esports LAN

We’ve heard and seen how good the latest addition to the RiotFam are, but we want to see for ourselves how talented the Riot CSGO girls are. What better way to do this then to challenge them to a competitive 5v5 matchup. The Riot mixed team consists of players from other game titles and some of the Riot Gaming Management Team. For your entertainment, we are going to be putting together a multi twitch so you can see both teams perspectives to give the best user experience we can!

The Riot CSGO team have racked themselves up a decent LAN placement CV, whereas the Mixed Team are not so experienced on this particular title. Although they’ve excelled in other game titles we’re predicting this to go in the Riot CSGO teams favour.

With that being said, we all love a good underdog and are hoping for the Riot Mixed team to cause more than a few upsets!

The Stream will be taking place later on tonight (24th July) so make sure you’re following us @RiotGaming for more details as to when the stream will go live.

If you’ve already made plans, don’t worry! We will be uploading the full game onto our Riot YouTube channel for you to rewatch at a time that suits you.

Let us know using the hashtag #RiotMixed #RiotCSGO as to who you think will take the Victory, we look forward to seeing you all in the stream chat later this evening.



Morgan Ashurst

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