Riot Sniping Roster

Fri 27th Feb 2015 - 5:18pm Gaming Esports

Sniping within the CoD series has always been a popular form of entertainment and over the years it has gained massive levels of interest within both the competitive and casual sides of gaming. 

Here at Riot, we understand that the sniping side of CoD can be an extremely fun and rewarding experience to delve into and it is with great delight that we bring to you our very own Riot sniping division.

Headed by two talented individuals you may know as; Riot Soph and Riot Sparkz, the riot sniping division shall go from one high to another. 


As of right now the sniping division consists of;

Riot Soph (Leader) @imsophieeee

Riot Sparkz @xSpaarkz

Riot Lovely @jessieislovely

Riot Starz @starz_xo

Riot Maria @just_maria

Riot Glysten @iglysten

Riot VRGN @yo_twerkii


We also have some insanely incredible editors and designers;

Riot Josh (Editor) @CrackerEdits

Riot Reborn (Editor) @RebornEdits


So don't forget to subscribe to the Riot sniping youtube and keep up to date with everything they get up to!




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